From pond to pond (615)

Start: Tinjan
End: Tinjan
Length: 26 km
Difficulty: Easy
Altitude: 290 m
Highest point: 377 m
Lowest point: 261 m
Riding time: 1:30 - 1:45 h
Asphalt: 8 km 
Macadam: 18 km


Od Lokve Do Lokve


In the past, it was very important for every village to have a pond. They where very useful for the people who raised cattle. The construction of water supply affected on the loss of ponds. In Municipality of Tinjan, there is 26 kilometers long bike trail which is called From pond to pond. The name was given by the fact that the path connects old ponds on the tertory of Tinjan and by every pond on this path is set point so that cyclists can take a break. Two times a year, Municipality of Tinjan organize bike tour with more than 200 participants. Taking a bike trail which is 25 kilometers long (easy route), you can visit ten ponds in the whole Tinjan and Karojba. On of the most beautiful pond is Pajićka. Except Pajićka, on this bike trail you can also find these ponds: Šuranska, Brčićeva, Bankova pond, Šprahovica, Velika, Červarova and Starajčićka pond.