Trail of St. Simeon (701)

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Start: Gračišće
End: Gračišće
Length: 8,9 km
Difficulty: Medium
Altitude: 404 m
Highest point: 450 m
Lowest point: 84 m
Duration: 3:30 h


Staza Sv.simuna 701


The entire trail of St. Simeon (sv. Šimun) passes through the area that in the 1970's became a protected landscape. A mixture of marl and limestone resulted in a particularly articulated landscape where valleys along streams were formed in marl areas while more solid limestone formed higher hilltops that dominate the area. The existing arable land is in harmony with intact forest vegetation, all coupled with numerous cultural and historic monuments with motifs of the tyipical architecture of this region. The path starts near the large hackberry tree along the main road, and in the first part gently descends to the Church of St. Simeon. The church offers a panoramic view of almost the entire area of the path: intact nature and picturesque villages will follow you all the way.

Then comes about a half walk down a steep descent, an area that abounds in asparagus in the spring. The first village along the way is Žlepčari. The path then continues through the valley until the marked detour where it continues along the stream, to the old bridge and Sopot waterfall, an attractive and not so well - known natural phenomenom. The area around the bridge is an ideal place for rest or if you prefer a picnic. At a five minutes walking distance from the bridge along an easy gradient you arrive to the village Floričići. After 40 minutes uphill walk (on small asphalt road), after village Lovrići You will reach a place (on Your right side) with graveyard and nice small church of St. Steven. The hill where the Church of St. Maria Magdalena stands offers a splendid view, and from it the path continues toward the Pišćietak hill 10 minutes away. At the foot of the hill is a font that the local people say never runs dry. From here, another 30 minutes walk through nature (first on small asphalt road then turn left to makadam), and "civilization" again starts on the main road near the old chapel, some hundred metres away from your starting point.