A city with a long and rich tradition - Pazin - is located in the very heart of the Istrian peninsula, only thirty kilometers away from the famous tourist centers. Pazin is mentioned for the first time in the year 983 in a document by which Emperor Otto confirms the donation of the fortress Castrum Pisinum to the bishops of Poreč.


Life is in this town on equal intensity in winter and summer and every first Tuesday of the month a veritable river of curious people from all over Istria flows here, visiting the traditional Pazin Fair.


Pazin is the place that is adorned with the largest and best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria - the Pazin castle - which is located on the cliff above the Pazin cave, a unique work of natural forces through the canyon of which the river Pazinčica flows. The fact that the Pazin cave leaves no one indifferent is evidenced by the fact that, just like the Pazin Castle, we find it in the works of numerous travel writers and it was an inspiration for many famous writers, such as Dante, Jules Verne and Vladimir Nazor.


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