Agritourism Ograde

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In the past, the entire property on which this agrotourism is located was surrounded by a shepherd's dry wall (fence), so the shepherds have always called it Ograde. That name has stuck to this day.

Visit Ograde agrotourism and feel the synergy of man and nature, because the greatest love of the agrotourism owner is animals, nature and agriculture. Share that love with them. The greatest pride of their household is the horses, but they pay the same attention to their ducks and geese, chickens, pigeons, dogs and cats.


Working hours are only by appointment, and in Ograda agrotourism you will enjoy traditional Istrian dishes made from home-grown ingredients. Some of the specialties they offer are dishes with meat from the Istrian ox - Boškarin, čeripanja (roasted potato) and štruclji (traditional Istrian pasta) in chicken sauce.