Castle Belaj

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Belaj Castle, the only estate in Croatia where winemaking and castle coexisted and developed together, is nestled in the beautiful landscape of Mount Učka. Situated on the slopes of Učka, the estate consists of a castle founded in 1575 by the noble Barbo family, two annexes built in the 19th century, and a magnificent vineyard. Its unique position and impressive size made Belaj an important focal point for the overall administration of the region throughout history, and today, it stands as a registered historical heritage of Croatia attracting history enthusiasts, nature lovers, as well as aficionados of Istrian wine and cuisine.

The estate hosts two wineries - Dvorac Belaj and Podrum Belaj. At Castel Belaj, besides a wine shop and wine tasting with a stunning view, there's the opportunity for organizing special celebrations and other events.